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  • 4 people make a team

  • All players must be over 21 years of age

  • If you are an individual looking for a team or a team looking for individuals, check out the Team Building Sheet

  • The team should submit one joint registration that includes all players

  • 4 rounds per game

  • 4 toss-up questions per round; a bonus question is attached to the last question in each round

  • Each toss-up question is worth 1 point

  • Bonus questions are worth 3 points

  • The person who rings in must answer the question on their own, no conferring

  • If a question is answered incorrectly or not answered within 15 seconds, no points are awarded & the answer is read out by the moderator

  • For Bonus questions, the whole team may confer for 30 seconds & designate one person to answer the whole question

  • Tournaments are single-elimination, a team must win all games to be champion



  • All questions are based on the show Supernatural

  • There are 4 categories:

    • Lore​

    • People

    • Episodes

    • Quotations

  • A team is allowed to challenge one question per game. They must have evidence from Netflix to prove their argument. The challenge must be issued before the next question has been read by the moderator.

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